Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of Power School District are committed to providing the best education for Cruiser students. 
Matt Shorb - Superintendent/Principal
Elementary Faculty
Kelly Allred - Special Education
Andrea Bushnell - 1st/2nd Grades
Michelle Hamm - 6th Grade
Kayne Pedrick - Physical Education (PE)

Tanya Pedrick - Special Education/4th Grade Math
Michael Royer - 3rd/4th Grades
Heather Shorb - Kindergarten
Sam Stevens - 5th Grade
Instructional Assistants
Cheyenne Baker - High School

Chris Butler - High School

Kay Claybourn - High School
Martha Holman - High School

Ashley Lehnherr - Elementary Library
Julie Moore - Elementary 3/4

Angelina Shorb - Office
Ashlee Shorb - High School
Ronda Shorb - Elementary
Amy Thompson - Preschool

Secondary Faculty - Junior High and High School
Kelly Allred - Special Education
Steven Ray - History/English
Sirena Krantz - 7th Grade/Home Economics/Journalism
Tim McNiel - Math/Foreign Language

Sammi Palmer - English
Kayne Pedrick - PreAlgebra/Physical Education (PE)
Dana Perry - Science/Health/Algebra 1B
Heather Shorb - Physics
Brandon Sadoff - Construction/Shop

Support Staff
Christina Middlebrook - Middle/High School Custodian

Ryan Pace- Elementary Custodian
Peggy Stallard - School Secretary/Guidance

Marissa Zoubek - Administrative/Deputy Clerk